What is Palkuainen?

Tempeh is a compact fermented "cake" of cooked dehulled legumes tied together by mycelium of the fungus Rhizopus oligosporus (a mould).

Palkuainen makes 3 kinds of tempeh: 1) green pea tempeh 2) lupin tempeh 3) mixed tempeh with faba beans, roasted buckwheat and dehulled hemp seeds. These are finnish versions of soya tempeh, the staple food of Indonesia. The ingredients are local except the fungus travels from Java.

Tempeh is rich in protein and vitamins, lupin tempeh also in dietary fiber. Tempeh has good taste and is highly digestable. It is easy and fast to cook with tempeh, also the price is reasonable.

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Pea tempeh and lupin tempeh

Soya tempeh got a Finnish alternative in 2012, when Palkuainen started making pea tempeh. The trick behind tempeh is the fungus which is inoculated in the cooked peas. The mycelia grow from pea to another binding them into a compact "cake". The fermentation with Rhizopus oligosporus improves the digestibility of the peas and increases the amount of vitamines and taste compounds. Cooking is easy and fast. Palkuainen's pea tempeh is probably the first commercial green pea tempeh in the world.

Ingredients: Peas, water, Rhizopus oligosporus -fungus, vinegar.

Nutrition / 100 g: Energy 800 kJ 190 kcal, fat 0,7 g (0,1 g saturated), carbohydrates 31 g (1,3 g sugar), protein 13 g, salt 0 g.

Palkuainen's lupin tempeh is made from sweet lupins of Lapua. Blue lupin is a new legume in the fields of Finland. Nice coloured and compact lupin tempeh contains 15 % protein and equal amount of dietary fiber.

Ingredients: Blue lupins, water, Rhizopus oligosporus -fungus, vinegar.

Nutrition per 100 g: Energy 650 kJ 150 kcal, fat 3,3 g (0,6 g saturated), carbohydrates 2,3 g (1,3 g sugar), fiber 15 g, protein 15 g, salt 0 g.